Chemin de Stevenson (3/4) : La Bastide-Puylaurent, Le Bleymard, Le Pont-de-Montvert, Florac

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Gare de La Bastide-Puylaurent Forêt après La Bastide-Puylaurent
« Thence, over a hill, our way lay through a naked plateau, until we reached Chasseradès at sundown. »
Landes Chabalier Chasseradès Chasseradès : église
« At last the path crossed the Chassezac upon a bridge, and, forsaking this deep hollow, set itself to cross the mountain of Le Goulet. »
Viaduc du Mirandol Village abandonné de Serreméjean Source du Lot
« In front of me I saw a shallow valley, and beyond that the range of the Lozère, sparsely wooded and well enough modelled in the flanks, but straight and dull in outline. »
Avant Le Bleymard, vue vers le mont Lozère  Le Bleymard Station de ski du mont Lozère
« The track that I had followed in the evening soon died out, and I continued to follow over a bald turf ascent a row of stone pillars, such as had conducted me across the Goulet. »
Mont Lozère : montjoie
« The Lozère lies nearly east and west, cutting Gévaudan into two unequal parts; its highest point, this Pic de Finiels, on which I was then standing, rises upwards of five thousand six hundred feet above the sea, and in clear weather commands a view over all lower Languedoc to the Mediterranean Sea. »
Mont Lozère : sommet de Finiels Mont Lozère : vue nord
« In that undecipherable labyrinth of hills, a war of bandits, a war of wild beasts, raged for two years between the Grand Monarch with all his troops and marshals on the one hand, and a few thousand Protestant mountaineers upon the other. A hundred and eighty years ago, the Camisards held a station even on the Lozère, where I stood. »
Descente vers Finiels, village de Prat-Soutayran Finiels
« A little after, the stream that I was following fell into the Tarn at Pont de Montvert of bloody memory.. »
Le Pont-de-Montvert Le Pont-de-Montvert Le Pont-de-Montvert Ajoncs Forêt, Champlong-de-Bougès Mont Lozère depuis le Signal du Bougès Les Cévennes depuis le Signal du Bougès
« On a branch of the Tarn stands Florac, the seat of a sub-prefecture, with an old castle, an alley of planes, many quaint street-corners, and a live fountain welling from the hill. »
Florac : château

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