Chemin de Stevenson (2/4) : Goudet, Pradelles, Langogne, Cheylard-l'Évêque, Notre-Dame des Neiges

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« In this pleasant humour I came down the hill to where Goudet stands in a green end of a valley, with Château Beaufort opposite upon a rocky steep, and the stream, as clear as crystal, lying in a deep pool between them. Above and below, you may hear it wimpling over the stones, an amiable stripling of a river, which it seems absurd to call the Loire. »

Goudet : le village, le château et la Loire Goudet : château de Beaufort
« I asked one of the children where I was. At Bouchet St. Nicolas, he told me. Thither, about a mile south of my destination, and on the other side of a respectable summit, had these confused roads and treacherous peasantry conducted me. »
Le Bouchet- St-Nicolas Village de Charbonnier
« It was bleak and bitter cold, and, except a cavalcade of stride-legged ladies and a pair of post-runners, the road was dead solitary all the way to Pradelles. »
Calvaire Les Narces (marais) et Ribains
« Pradelles stands on a hillside, high above the Allier, surrounded by rich meadows. »
« … I was goading Modestine down the steep descent that leads to Langogne on the Allier. »
Langogne Langogne : église Langogne : la vieille halle
« For this was the land of the ever-memorable BEAST, the Napoleon Bonaparte of wolves. What a career was his! He lived ten months at free quarters in Gévaudan and Vivarais; he ate women and children and “shepherdesses celebrated for their beauty”. »
St Flour-de-Mercoire Le Gévaudan Le Gévaudan
« All the other houses in the village were both dark and silent; and though I knocked at here and there a door, my knocking was unanswered. It was a bad business; I gave up Fouzilhac with my cursess. »
« Candidly, Cheylard seemed little worthy of all this searching. A few broken ends of village, with no particular street, but a succession of open places heaped with logs and fagots; a couple of tilted crosses, a shrine to Our Lady of all Graces on the summit of a little hill; and all this, upon a rattling highland river, in the corner of a naked valley. »
Cheylard-l'Évêque : église Cheylard-l'Évêque : gîte Rivière du Gévaudan Forêt du Gévaudan
« The colour throughout was black or ashen, and came to a point in the ruins of the castle of Luc, which pricked up impudently from below my feet, carrying on a pinnacle a tall white statue of Our Lady. »
Luc : le château église de Luc Laveyrune : colonie de vacances
« For I was now come within a little way of my strange destination, the Trappist monastery of Our Lady of the Snows. »
Notre-Dame des Neiges Notre-Dame des Neiges
« But now the hunt was up; priest and soldier were in full cry for my conversion. It was an odd but most effective proselytising. »
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